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I leave for a week...

2008-01-18 14:07:10 by Drag0nSnak3

Man, i leave NG for a week and the design is already changed! Not that it's too bad, actually i think it's pretty good of NG to keep up.
Oh, and i got to lvl 11. Yay!...?

Games, games, games and... games!

2007-11-25 13:46:54 by Drag0nSnak3

I didn't write anything in quite along time, so, here is a new post for you.
1. Timeshift
Got it, played it, liked it, deleted it. A nice game, but with my crappy pc it only ran at 800x600, so i couldn't really enjoy the graphics, although everything else was ok (it's probably the first PC game i've ever finished without any cheats... Oh, wait... Episode Two was the first one X3)
2. Hellgate: London.
Umm... How to put this... It got stuck at 40-60%, so.. I canceled it.
3. NFS: Prostreet
I'm currently playing it. And it runs even worse than Timeshift. I mean: 600x480 60HZ with all Low. And it even lags!
That's why i'm getting a new CPU and a Motherboard to handle it for my BDay.
Oh, and i made a nice new header for my page. Experimented a bit with layers in PS. Although, I can't see it yet and even alt+F5 doesn't work.


2007-11-01 05:02:40 by Drag0nSnak3

Finally, i've just downloaded the Timeshift torrent. The speed is pretty much crappy, but i think it'll be okay.

Hl2: ep2

2007-10-28 16:07:14 by Drag0nSnak3

I've played Ep2 recently (yeah, i got it). And i gotta say. For being such a short game (6-7 hours) it really reveals some interesting facts. Ep2 and Portal really, and i mean REALLY made me wanna play Ep3... Too bad it won't be out until 2009 or so. Oh, and I'm on holidays. Yay! No school!

lvl 10!

2007-10-20 10:07:44 by Drag0nSnak3

Yay, i finally got to lvl 10 today! Congrats to me!!


2007-10-17 11:38:57 by Drag0nSnak3

I can't seem to "get" my hands on HL2: EP2.. Sad, isn't it? The good news are: i'm working on a new animation concept right now. You know: concept art, story etc.. Hope that this one won't die like my previous one.

The Orange Box

2007-10-10 09:10:41 by Drag0nSnak3

Hooray! The Orange Box from Valve is now out! Can't wait to "get" those games if you know what i mean... hehehehe... Well, that's about it for today.


2007-10-09 08:11:12 by Drag0nSnak3

Man.. With all of the themes changing i thought NG got crazy! I mean... first, it's fab. Now it's Halloween.. I wonder how it'll look when Christmas strikes... I'm not even talking about the 4th of July. Although.. Forget about the 4th of July. I don't think they would go THAT far.. Right? I'm not saying that i don't like the new layouts, just that it's so unusual.. Better get used to it..
P.S Oh.. And i made a new sig for the Halloween theme. The quality is ruined because of the resize.
Added a new header.



2007-10-03 10:33:03 by Drag0nSnak3

Well... Decided to finally spice up my account page yesterday, so i made some cool pics with PS. Turned out pretty nice. Enjoy!
Made a sig.