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Games, games, games and... games!

2007-11-25 13:46:54 by Drag0nSnak3

I didn't write anything in quite along time, so, here is a new post for you.
1. Timeshift
Got it, played it, liked it, deleted it. A nice game, but with my crappy pc it only ran at 800x600, so i couldn't really enjoy the graphics, although everything else was ok (it's probably the first PC game i've ever finished without any cheats... Oh, wait... Episode Two was the first one X3)
2. Hellgate: London.
Umm... How to put this... It got stuck at 40-60%, so.. I canceled it.
3. NFS: Prostreet
I'm currently playing it. And it runs even worse than Timeshift. I mean: 600x480 60HZ with all Low. And it even lags!
That's why i'm getting a new CPU and a Motherboard to handle it for my BDay.
Oh, and i made a nice new header for my page. Experimented a bit with layers in PS. Although, I can't see it yet and even alt+F5 doesn't work.


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